What is your present vision of a happy and prosperous life?

 What is your present vision of a happy and prosperous life?

 Ans: We are trying to achieve happiness and prosperity by maximizing accumulation and consumption of physical facilities. It is becoming anti-ecological and anti-people, and threatening the human survival itself. Some of the consequences of such trend are summarized below:

 ➢ At the level of individual: rising problems of depression, psychological disorders, suicides, stress, insecurity, etc. 

➢ At the level of family: breaking of joint families, mistrust, and conflict between older and younger generations, insecurity in relationships, divorce, dowry tortures, etc. 

➢ At the level of society: growing incidence of terrorism and naxalism, rising communalism, spreading casteism, racial and ethnic struggle, wars between nations, etc. 

➢ At the level of nature: global warming, water, air, soil, noise etc. pollution, resource depletion of minerals and mineral oils, etc. All the problems are a direct outcome of an incorrect understanding, our wrong notion about happiness and prosperity and their continuity – this is an issue for serious exploration.

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