Describe the problems related with computer security.

Describe the problems related with computer security.

Problems related with computer security are:

Describe the problems related with computer security.

1 Phishing: Phishing is an attempt to obtain users sensitive information, including credit card details and banking information, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an online communication (e-mail, social media, etc).

2 Vishing: Vishing (voice phishing) is an attempt of fraudsters to persuade the victim to deliver personal information or transfer money over the phone.

 3 Smishing: Smishing (SMS phishing) is any case where sent text messages attempt to make potential victims pay money or click on suspicious links.

4 Pharming: Pharming is a cyber attack meant to redirect a website's traffic to another, fake one.

b. Pharming can be done either by changing the hosts file on a victim's machine or by exploiting a flaw in DNS server software.

C. In pharming, no conscious user interaction is required. 5. Vulnerability:

5. Vulnerability 

a. Vulnerability is a software mistake that enables a bad actor to attack a system or network by directly accessing it.

 b. Vulnerabilities can permit an attacker to act as a super-user or even a system admin and granting them full access privileges.

6. Exposures:

a. It provides a malicious actor with indirect access to a system or a network.

b. An exposure could enable a hacker to harvest sensitive information in a secret manner.

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