What is processor organization CPU organization ?

What is processor organization-CPU organization ?

The part of computer that do data processing operations is called central processing unit (CPU)

The CPU is made of 3 parts: 

1. Registers: stores intermediate data generated during execution 

2. ALU: performs required micro operations 

3. Control Unit: controls transfer of data among registers and instruct ALU to perform correct operation

Requirements placed on the processor

What is processor organization-CPU organization
1-Fetch instruction - the processor reads and instruction from memory (register, main memory, cache memory)

2-Interpret Instruction - instruction is decode to determine what action is required.

3-Fetch data - the execution of an instruction may  required data from memory or an input output module.

4-Process data - the data execution of an instruction may required performing some arithmetic and logical operation on data

5- Write data - the result of an execution may required writing data to memory on input output module

Types processor organization

1-General Register Organization
2-Stack Organization
  • Register stack
  • Memory Stack   

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